Rajeev Gandhi
     Pioneering Information Technology in India by initiating Computer revolution, India under the leadership of Rajeev Gandhi started a long march towards becoming a super power. AIERA on its part is making honest effort to transform the dream of this iconic leader into reality. We sincerely hope that a billion Indian people with their blessings, wishes and support will further propel us forward. Letís make India, what Rajeev Gandhi has dreamed to be. Letís walk a step further towards Information Technology.
Mahatma Gandhi   
           Idealizing Mahatma Gandhi, who taught the world the importance of non-violence and truth, AIERA has modeled its nationwide mission of teaching IT to students, women and farmers. Introducing the new India to the world and also putting forth the outcome of our unprecedented efforts. We obliged to have your participation in this mission as extremely valuable.
What is AIERA ?
AIERA stands for All India Educational Research Academy. AIERA is now a national level organization operating in country with twelve different arms..

Our Mission is creating opportunity to learn Information Technology to all. Procuring them the knowledge of IT and making accessible resulting growth. Thus including them into the revolution and further establishing strong India.
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