AIERA stands for All India Educational Research Academy. AIERA is now a national level organization operating in country with twelve different arms.

Our History

      AIERA had earlier known and operated as MBCT that is Maharashtra Board for Computer Training, which was founded in 2005. MBCT itself was a success story. It was founded to provide people the learning opportunity in the ever expanding IT field. MBCT had more that 750 franchisee network in the state of Maharashtra. This Institution coupled with dedicated guidance provided training for more than 2,50,000 students. MBCT further expanded to form School Computer Education Council. The latter organization was focused on giving specially structured computer education at school level students.
These efforts yielded and more than 1100 schools joined to this institution. It altogether amassed more than 1,75,000 students for participation in their program. The numbers are not to dazzle but to show the magnitude of network and its influence. It still can’t catch the satisfaction of people who benefited from us.
Our Mission
Our Mission is creating opportunity to learn Information Technology to all. Procuring them the knowledge of IT and making accessible resulting growth. Thus including them into the revolution and further establishing strong India.
Our Philosophy
As a rule, the only thing that is constant is change. We are no exception to that rule. We always aimed to work on bigger canvas. We achieved our dream and expanded the state level entity into national level behemoth in the educational field. MBCT has been transformed into AIERA AIERA is a parent institution in the organizational structure. AIERA has been operating as ERA (Educational Research Academy) in twelve different categories including Publication, Manufacturing, Information Technology and Training. At present ERA already has footprints in twelve states in India and the trends showing nothing but northward direction. We are enthusiastic about foray into the abroad also and hope that in 2011 we would achieve trans-national status.
Educational Research Academy or ERA as we call it mirrors our attitude and belief in research and innovation. As we have mentioned earlier, ERA is operating in 12 different categories and in all these categories we practice research & innovation. ERA as an organization strives for excellence and delivering goods. This motivation is the fuelling our growth and we know that we are going grow out further.
Our Organization
Every organization is run by its people. People include employees and associates. AIERA is also run by its people.  AIERA considers its people as its most valuable asset and its strength. When we refer organization or people then we need management.
The principle of management in our organization is very simple contrary to its mammoth Size. We employ- Select, Direct, Evaluate & Reward strategy at AIERA. We are exceptionally rigorous in selecting people to join our organization. Their qualities such as Integrity, Diligence and Intelligence are of paramount concern. The next and critical function involves delegating the job to the right people. To keep organization to its full steam, it is essential to have efficient workforce. It will be possible only when they feel that there hard work is being appreciated or we say incentives make them work. We have a competitive evaluation process for all the employees and associated people.